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Guide Using a DIVINATION Pendulum

Guide Using a DIVINATION Pendulum


Pendulum divination is a form of dowsing or “discovery”.
A pendulum is used to answer a question. Anyone can learn to use it. By holding it, you become the channel of higher wisdom; the energy flows through your body, down your arm and down your hand, then into the pendulum The energy moves the pendulum in directions and in shapes that you can usually interpret into a simple answer: yes or No.


You can use all kinds of small objects like a pendulum. It should be heavy enough and able to be attached to the end of a chain, rope, string, ribbon or wire Try a ring on a chain or grab a pendant from your jewelry box . If your improvised pendulum seems good to you, dedicate it to this function, the time you need. Then ask Him to work with you for the better, then begin.

Most off-the-shelf pendulums are in the shape of a descending cone. They are smooth or faceted or adorned with engraved or painted symbols. Common materials are crystal, metals such as brass, silver, copper, or even wood, preferred by some practitioners. Pendulums sometimes have a small ball or stone at the other end; it rests between your index and middle finger, and offers the fingers a relaxed position during use.

You can choose a crystal pendulum according to its qualities. Amethyst and Rock Crystal are the most prized as they relate to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra, linked to intuition and spiritual connection. Otherwise, choose one that matches your question. Use, for example, rose quartz e-associated with the heart-for matters of love.


1- Clean the pendulum
Wipe it gently and remove the dust. Visualize a white light sweeping through it and removing all old or negative vibrations. You can also clean up with fumigation , which is the most effective.

2- Tune the pendulum.
Hold it with your thumb and index finger, or in a comfortable way (wrapping the end of the chain around your index finger to secure it, for example).
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