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The Secrets of Crystal Healing

The Secrets of Crystal Healing

Ancient cultures around the world used healing crystals and stones to align, clear and transform their energy, spirit and physical health.

Just as magnets use energy to attract or repel, stone crystals use energy the same way.

When you use crystals, your energy transforms, vibrates, vibrates, shifts and shifts based on the properties and energy signature of the crystal.

So let's see how crystals can heal you physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

 How to use healing crystals?

There are several techniques for using stones and benefiting from their benefits.


Since crystals and stones absorb, repel and transmit energy, wearing certain healing crystals can help balance your energy field throughout the day.

It is recommended to wear the same stones for several weeks so that they will transmit their properties to you in a gentle and progressive way;

You can also wear them as jewelry, an elegant and pleasant way to wear your stones and treat yourself.

Choker necklace - In contact with the 5th chakra (throat), favor blue stones that promote communication and personal expression: aquamarine, amazonite, turquoise, chalcedony, etc.

Pendant necklace - Worn in the middle of the chest, the opening of the heart (4th chakra) is stimulated by green stones (aventurine, emerald, fluorite, jade, malachite…) Pink stones are more recommended to soothe emotional wounds such as pink quartz…

Long necklace - Placed at the level of the solar plexus (5th chakra), your radiance and your good mood will be amplified by yellow stones (amber, yellow beryl, tiger's eye, citrine, etc.).

Bracelets and rings - Wearing a bracelet or a ring (whose mineral is in contact with the skin) allows energy to be diffused through the hands and into the arms through the meridians


2nd technique - USING A HEALING ELIXIR

The elixirs have an immediate action . These preparations are most often ingested but can also be applied to the skin. It is a question of transmitting the energy of the stone to the water by direct or indirect contact. The use of elixirs is complementary to the fact of carrying stones on oneself. “Elixir of Healing” crystal vials available here



The stones will come to modify the atmosphere and the energy level of a place by favoring the activities which are carried out there.

By acting on your place of life or work, they act on you indirectly because they can change your state of mind as well as that of all the people living in this place. 

To have an action on an entire room, the stones must have a sufficiently large size.

You can also place crystals under your pillow or on your bedside table...Except for black stones such as Onyx...See how they affect your dreams and how you feel when you wake up in the morning.



 Meditation allows you to connect with a stone and work with your chakras. Take a stone in your hands. Observe it, look at its shape, its color, then close your eyes to feel its material, its density and connect with it.

By meditating with a rock crystal , you may be surprised to intuitively receive amazing, life-changing information.


How to Clean and Align your Crystals?

Since stones absorb, attract and repel certain types of energy, it is important to keep your crystals clean.

Before using them on yourself, you will need to clear their energy and align it with your own.

You can soak your crystals in spring water, salt water or holy water (except selenite or amber)

Some people even moon bathe their healing crystals by soaking them overnight during the new moon or you can also charge them in the sun .

Smudging ( using the smoke of white sage, dried herbs, or incense) can also cleanse your crystals.

“Align your Stone with an intention”

Once you have cleared your stones and crystals to heal them, align them with your energy by holding them in the palm of your hand, closing your eyes, indicating your intention and thanking them for the healing they are going to bring.

How to choose the type of crystal to use?

Consulting a crystal healing guide is a great way to determine which crystals to use for which issues and intentions.

But don't think too much, your rational mind doesn't always know the answer, but your subconscious mind does.

Use your intuition and instincts and you will naturally make the perfect choice.

Your intuition will always be your best guide!


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