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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Do you want to accumulate positive energies around you or live more sensitive experiences?
Discover Reiki , its main symbols and the particularity of Cho Ku Rei .

What is Reiki?

Created in 1922 by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a means of meditation which literally means "spirit energy".
It is a Japanese method which consists of healing the body and the mind through touch and which aims to establish a balance between them.
Linked according to the WHO to positive mental health, it acts for the control of energy, the evacuation of tensions and stress or the relaxation of the body.
In this regard, this practice allows us to imbibe energy and channel it to make our mind more lucid and less influenced by the vagaries of the outside world.

In short, it is more than a method, it is an art that brings serenity to our spiritual sphere, a remedy for all our moral wounds.

What are the main symbols of Reiki ?

Reiki has 4 main symbols:

  • Cho Ku Rei : symbol of power, it allows to transmit a surplus of energy to others.
  • Sei He Ki: symbol of harmony, real remedy for the emotions and the mind of the person.
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: symbol of distance, it promotes the creation of links with the outside world, regardless of the distance.
  • Dai Ko Myo: symbol of mastery, it heals and purifies the soul by covering it with wisdom and discernment.

However, for each symbol to be able to act fully, it is important to learn each script and each meaning through a master trainer.

Cho Ku Rei: a divine symbol

Frequent translations generally refer to the Cho Ku Rei , the first symbol of Reiki, as a call for energy to manifest. This practice is used in order to generate more energy. A symbol of fire and strength, it embodies the power and action it represents through mystical force. Furthermore, Cho Ku Rei revitalizes our body and mind by focusing all our energy to act more vividly.

What is Reiki?What is Reiki?

How to use Cho Ku Rei?

In order to make the practice more intense, it is essential to empty the mind and obtain maximum concentration. There are also many ways to apply Cho Ku Rei . Here are some examples:

  • You can draw the symbol on your body or that of an animal before a treatment and thus amplify the energy already acquired. Moreover, it is a means of healing for the body and the spirit since it attenuates the wounds inflicted by others, whether physically or mentally. Visualization is also a way to accomplish this practice to manifest a good amount of energy.
  • If you are practicing Reiki as a whole, using Cho Ku Rei as a last resort is more beneficial as it reinforces the actions of the other symbols.
  • Source of protective and positive energy, it protects your home from negative energies coming from outside. Combining Sei He Ki and Cho Ku Rei and throwing them around the room additionally provide an infallible armor to your living environment.

In any case, you can use it as it suits you, the important thing is that the energy permeates in you.

Whether you want to heal yourself, release a dose of positive energy or simply evacuate stress, Cho Ku Rei is truly a practice that promotes your well-being and your inner peace.

What is Reiki?

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