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The divinatory pendulums!

The divinatory pendulums!
The divinatory pendulums!

To each his own pendulum!!!

The divinatory pendulums!

Bhakthi Meditation

To put it simply, a pendulum is a piece of stone hung on the end of a chain, a rope or a string, quite simply.

It can be used for many purposes, such as divination, capturing energies, finding objects, etc.

Sensitive to the vibrations and energies emitted by the objects and people around it, the pendulum will begin to oscillate.

The pendulum is the intermediary which has the effect of re-linking consciousness and unconsciousness.

The divinatory pendulums!

Thus, the pendulum can be used in many cases:

    1. Clean up a place
    2. Harmonize a chakra in overload or in energy deficit
    3. Checking the quality of food, the charge of a stone
    4. Answer questions (by “yes” or “no”)
    5. Magnetize
    6. Find a water source
    7. Find lost objects
  • Some people even use the pendulum to try to guess the lotto results… without commentary
  • Many other uses are also possible.

Different types of dowsing pendulums

There are many models of pendulums:

Spherical (or ball) pendulums
Egyptian clocks
Pendulums in the form of cones
Spiral-shaped pendulums

The witness pendulums , which can accommodate an object, such as a hair, a nail, a hair, ...
The divinatory pendulums!

To use a pendulum, it will be necessary to validate a personal convention in order to “translate” correctly the oscillations of the pendulum. Most of the time, when the pendulum rotates clockwise, it is a positive response… Although it may be obvious, it is advisable to validate this protocol with your pendulum.
Another important point, stay in contact with your pendulum the first time so that it takes care of your energy, it is for this reason that it is a very personal object which does not lend itself to everything;-)

And finally, the cleaning of your pendulum, to be done regularly and respecting its specificities depending on whether it is stone, metal or other...

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