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Japa Meditation: unsuspected benefits thanks to your Mâla

Japa Meditation: unsuspected benefits thanks to your Mâla

Key to physical health,
mental, emotional and spiritual

The word japa in Sanskrit means recitation.
The synonym of japa meditation is mantra meditation .
Japa meditation is therefore strictly speaking the repeated recitation of a mantra and the concentration on the sound of this mantra.

Repeating a mantra over and over again helps the mind to enter a meditative state.

The Real Benefits of Japa Meditation

On a psychological level , mantras are ways to bring about mental health, which is such an important part of the path of yoga.

On a spiritual level , they are like entry points into higher levels of consciousness, since they are believed to contain Shakti, the feminine principle of transcendental energy.

One could say that the main purpose of japa meditation is to bring about the highest states of consciousness.

On a practical, everyday level , japa meditation helps relieve stress, as it quiets the mind. With no negative thoughts invading your mind, you naturally eliminate stress from body and mind.

This is why japa meditation is very beneficial for health on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The power of repetition

Through our daily practice, or repetition, we bring positive habits into our daily lives.
Yoga is a practice.
Meditation is a practice.

And the Sanskrit word that means “practice” actually means “repetition”.

By repeating a mantra, we instill our mind with positivity.

We also get rid of negative thought patterns while getting closer to ourselves.

When practicing japa meditation, you can sing the mantra out loud, but it is best to whisper it softly or simply repeat it in your mind.
Sometimes listening to a mantra without reciting yourself is a good way to start.

It is said that the most transformative way to practice japa meditation is to repeat the particular mantra for yourself.

Japa Meditation with Mala

We use mala beads, like a rosary, to help us meditate. Malas usually consist of 108 beads and all have a slightly larger guru bead than the others.

Mala beads are made up of many kinds of materials - sandalwood, beautiful stones, wood, seeds - and you can choose the one that resonates with you. Treat your mala with respect, as it is a sacred tool to help you connect with your own divinity.

You will also want to choose your mantras carefully , as they are believed to hold immense psycho-cosmic powers .

In yoga they are known as the seeds of language and they have the power to control and protect the human mind.

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Source: blog.sivanaspirit.com

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