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How to use White Sage to Purify your home?

How to use White Sage to Purify your home?

How to clean your workplace or your home from environmental pollution and negative energies? How to protect your living space with a sage fumigation ritual?

This is a very old energy cleansing ritual from a Native American tradition. The purpose of the sage purification ritual is to cleanse the feelings, spirits and negative energies of a space, a person or an object.
The fumigation ritual is done by burning dried herbs such as white sage or Palo Santo wood.
By letting the smoke float and disperse throughout your space, you'll clear all unwanted energy from floor to ceiling!

Here are the steps of a smudging ceremony and prepare a purified space, cleanse yourself or an object.

First, choose what you are going to work with?

WHITE sage in bunches or bundles

White sage is most definitely the most common choice as many cultures consider sage to be powerful in driving away evil spirits and negative energies.

The PALO SANTO, Sacred Wood

The Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America, it is also called "Sacred Wood". It is a powerful medicinal wood that has been popularized for its celestial presence in keeping energies grounded and clear. The Palo Santo is associated with sacred masculine energy or the sun. It is advised to use it to balance the energies in your environment to bring more creativity, logic, reason, action, reflection, loyalty, rational thought, determination, strength and support your intentions.

Choose a natural container to hold the dried grass or Wood.
In fumigation rituals, the abalone shell (seashell) or more simply a clay or stone container is very often used.

Many people use a feather or a fan to direct the smoke during a fumigation ceremony. You can also just use your hand.

It is important to use very dry herbs, otherwise you will not produce the right type of smoke.

It is very common to perform a fumigation ritual to accompany certain changes such as a move, or in temporary accommodation, or even after a separation, an argument... In fact, the ritual simply marks the passage from one state to another. …the start of a household, the arrival of a child, the loss of a job. Fumigation can also help cleanse you energetically after an argument or if you have been to a place where you have felt uncomfortable.

The 7 steps of the sage fumigation ritual:

  1. Light a candle .
  2. Give thanks and express your good intentions . You and anyone else present should attend the ceremony with good intentions. Show your gratitude to the plants and the land that produces them.
  3. Light the sage stick . You want to have a good ember (at this point you should have smoke, not fire). It can become difficult to direct the smoke towards objects, so you can use your hand or the feather to direct the smoke in a specific direction. (Make sure you keep a safe distance from anything flammable so you don't start a fire!)
    You can always relight the sage stick if it goes out.
  4. Purify everyone in the room including yourself by directing the smoke at their body. Just make sure that each participant rubs the smoke against their body and focuses their intentions on purifying it.

Start with your head and heart, then move the smoke down your body, not forgetting your back and the bottoms of your feet.

  1. Walk around the room in a clockwise direction, letting the smoke out into each corner, paying particular attention to dark, enclosed areas (closet).
    Use your feather to push the smoke to every spot and nook of the space or use your hands.
    When you pass an open door or window, you can use the feather to push the smoke outside, taking the negative energies with it.
  2. You can add to this ritual whatever seems appropriate to you in terms of prayer and intentions.
  3. To close the ceremony , extinguish the burning sage stick by laying it against a hard fire-resistant surface, such as an abalone shell filled with sand.
    If you have ashes, wait for them to cool before returning them directly to the Earth. Store the remaining sage bunch or stick of Palo Santo in a safe place for future use.

After each ritual, a new light and soothing energy invades your interior and exterior space, cleansed of all used and negative energies...

Peace Love Light


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