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How to use a Tibetan Mala?

How to use a Tibetan Mala?

A Tibetan mala is a long strand of 108 beads traditionally used to aid your meditation practice.

Often malas are combined with a mantra that you repeat during your meditation - both mantra and mala are meant as tools to keep your mind focused.
Instead of focusing on how many times you repeat your mantra, you can use your mala to keep count so you can focus on the meaning of your mantra.

In the right hand...

Hindu traditions say to hold the mala in the right hand, with the thumb sliding from bead to bead while the mala is draped over the middle finger.
Northeast Indian traditions state that the best practice is to drape the mala over the ring finger of the right hand and move the beads with the middle finger and thumb.

Whichever method you choose, begin your practice by sitting in a quiet, comfortable space.
It's best to sit with your legs crossed to keep your mind and body engaged, but you can lie down if you can't sit or don't feel comfortable.

Take a deep breath and focus your attention on your chosen mantra or affirmation.

Once you are calm and focused, start with that bead to the left of the largest center bead - the guru bead - and twist your finger clockwise around each bead, then move that bead away and move on to the next bead.

Once you get to the guru bead, you can either stop your practice or flip the mala over and repeat the process the other way around.

Choosing a mantra to meditate with your mala...

A mantra is defined as a word or phrase that is repeated often or expresses someone's core beliefs .

You choose a mantra during your meditation practice to enter the silence of your mind and achieve deeper awareness.

Repeating the mantra can allow you to escape the thoughts and feelings that fill your mind each day, allowing you to disconnect your mind and thoughts from your physical body.

One of the most commonly used mantras is “Om” (pronounced as aum), which represents your universal consciousness.

You can also find free videos and audio recordings available online...

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Find your “soulmate” Mala and meditate with it!

Practice your mala meditation daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel your body and mind need clarity, peace and a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy world.


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