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10 Tips for Practicing Meditation, SIMPLY...

10 Tips for Practicing Meditation, SIMPLY...

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10 Tips For Practicing Meditation Simply...

Always wanted to meditate, but don't know where to start?
Maybe you even started a meditation practice but gave up?!

Getting started in meditation is much easier than you think.

All you need are a few little tricks to start meditating and before you know it, seeing the immediate benefits.
And rest assured, you don't have to become a dedicated monk to practice meditation!

First of all, a little reminder about the benefits of a daily meditative practice.
As yogis have known for centuries and scientists have only recently validated, the benefits of meditation are proven and profound!

It is now proven that meditation helps to:

- improve MENTAL CLARITY and
- ACCESS MORE JOY in your life!

When you meditate, you access deeper brain waves, helping to dispel distracting thoughts, reduce stress, and boost intellectual abilities while cultivating a spiritual connection reaching deeper states of consciousness and wholeness.

That being said, let's get down to business...

How to do when you start???

10 Tips For Practicing Meditation Simply...
We are going to share with you some very simple tips to follow to start meditating now and easily integrate meditation into your life. Let's go!
Here are our 10 simple tips to start meditating now!
The ideal is to really experience it by practicing for 21 days.
Ready for the challenge??

  1. Create a mini-ritual: Date with yourself.

    One of the most effective ways to bring the mind into "submission" is to create a ritual. Routine takes the mind out of the logical, linear thinking of the left brain, into the intuitive, non-linear right hemisphere.

    Set up a clearly designated space for meditation, in a room with little clutter, preferably the quietest room. It's about establishing a daily ritual, at the same time and in the same place.
    You can also if you want to light incense or a candle, according to your desire, but it doesn't have to be complicated...
  1. Be comfortable: Comfortably posed.

    We tend to make meditation more complicated and more difficult than necessary.
    Start by taking a comfortable seat. If you're flexible, sit cross-legged on the floor on a meditation cushion , bolster, or blanket, with your knees resting slightly below your hips. Alternatively, sit in a chair with your feet on the floor. Take time to adjust your body.

  2. Right and Dignified Posture

    Whether you sit cross-legged or not, the meditation posture remains the same: Sit with your back straight, but not stiff, straightening your spine.
    Lengthen your spine to promote fluid circulation of energy flows (including the chakras) and place yourself in Earth-Heaven alignment.
    Sit in a chair or against a wall if you need to.
    The hands rest on the knees and the stomach is relaxed.
    Eyes closed or half-closed with the gaze directed downwards.

10 Tips For Practicing Meditation Simply...

  1. Be humble, start small

    Start from where you are, that's fine.
    If 5 minutes feels overwhelming, start with 3!
    After a week, start adding a minute to your practice each week or a little more if that feels right.
    Use the timer on your mobile phone (in silent mode of course)

  2. Be nice to yourself (but really nice!).

    In the end, it all comes down to your relationship with yourself.
    The way you do anything is the way you do everything.
    Meditation teaches us radical acceptance, compassion and unconditional love.
    So be kind to your restless mind…
    Surrender to who you are and what is happening - here, now.
    And don't forget to smile!

10 Tips For Practicing Meditation Simply...

  1. Write down your apology

    Meditation is a practice of self-enquiry.
    Observe the excuses you say to yourself: “I'm too tired”, “I don't have time”... And write down what you do instead of these 5 minutes of meditation.
    Observe and understand without judgment.
    Then start practicing again.
  1. The practice

    Like everything in life, we get better with practice.
    Think of your meditation as a workout for your mind.
    You train your brain to focus and let go.
    Over time, with consistency, you will become more skilled.
  1. Breathe.

    The breath is a gateway to the realm beyond Spirit – our higher consciousness.
    Our mind is dependent on analyzing the past or projecting into the future. BUT the breath is only in the here and now. Focus on your breath to ground the mind in the present moment.

  2. Thank you

    Before you end your session, before you get back in motion...
    Take the time to sincerely thank yourself for the time you give yourself to be more attentive to yourself and live more harmoniously.

  3. Keep a meditation journal.

    End your practice each day observing the benefits of your practice. How do I feel? What is my emotional state or mood?
    Take note of any changes so that they register in your body and conscious mind.
    So the next time you resist meditation, skim through the notes you took in your journal to remind yourself of these benefits. This will help keep you motivated and engaged.
Start with a session of 21 days in a row to appreciate very clearly the effects of meditation in your Life... Nothing beats personal experience.

So Happy Meditation everyone!

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