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SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

Use the SRI YANTRA to activate cosmic powers and make your dreams come true!

The Sri Yantra, also known as Shree Yantra or Sri Chakra is one of the most powerful and important Yantras to help you achieve your dreams. It is considered the mother of all Yantras as they all originate from this pattern.

How to use the SRI YANTRA ?

Focus on your goal, in order to influence wealth and abundance.

When you look at the Yantra, try to stare at the central point.
Then try to visualize the triangle surrounding the bindu.
The upward pointing triangle symbolizes masculine energy,
while the downward-pointing triangle constitutes the female power.

Then expand your vision by making sure to see the circles placed outside the triangles, which contain the lotus petals.

These circles represent the frequency of cosmic rhythms, the concept that time is limitless.
Now look at the second row of lotus petals and observe their shapes.

See how they point outward. They map your understanding. The lotus also symbolizes the heart, the place where the "Self" is found. When the heart opens, your sense of understanding expands.

The broken lines with the openings represent the material world. Portals are the passage that allows you to go from the external to the internal or the sacred.
When you can see this last form of the yantra, you come to the stage of awareness.


The 9 mandalas of SRI YANTRA

Here is the list of the 9 mandalas of the Shri yantra, from the coarsest to the most subtle:

1) Trailokya Mohan or Bhupar : “the citadel of the earth”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

It represents the barriers, the walls of each but also the anchoring and the impermeability. It is made up of 3 lines, each corresponding to a minor aspect of the Red Goddess.

  • The outer line contains the lokapalas, the protectors of the eight worlds. They are the guardians of the directions.
  • The middle line evokes eight siddhi shakti.
  • The inner line groups the matrikas known as prakata yogini, these shakti are often described as dangerous and savage.

The mantra is AM AM SAUH.

2) Sarva Aasa Paripurak : the lotus with 16 petals, "the executor of desire"

The aspect of Lalita that emerges is Tripureshi, her mantra is AIM KLIM SAUH. The mandala reflects 16 yogini associated with fulfillment of desires through cultivation or empowerment over mind, ego, sound, touch, sight, taste, smell, intellect, stability , memory, name, growth, etheric body, revivification, and physical body. They are described as the Nitya Kala.

3) Sarva Sankshobahan : the 8-petalled lotus, the “throbbing chakra”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

Presided over by Tripura Sundari, the 8 shakti in each of the 8 petals of the mandala are described as the shakti of speech, bearing, walking, excretion, pleasure, surrender, concentration and detachment. They are the yogini of the great secret. The mantra is HRIM KLIM SAUH.

4) Sarva Saubhagyadayak : the 14 triangles, “the chakra giving good fortune”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

Lalita is Vasini, her mantra is AIM KLIM SAUH. The triangles evoke 14 shakti associated with the main nadi, they are the akarshani.

5) Sarva Arthasadhak : the 10 outer triangles, “the chakra giving all objects to the sadhaka”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

They symbolize Lalita Tripura Shri. Its 10 shakti are the Kula Kaula. They are the yogini of the 10 vital breaths.

6) Sarva Rakshakar : the 10 inner triangles, “the protective chakra of all”.

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

Here we find Lalita Tripura Malini with her mantra HRIM KLIM BLEM. The yogini in the triangles represent the 10 breaths of fire. They are called "without origin".

7) Sarva Rogahar : the 8 triangles, “the chakra that destroys all diseases”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

They embody Lalita Tripura Siddha with her mantra HRIM SHRIM SAUH. She is the destroyer of poison. Her shakti are the sovereigns of cold, heat, joy and sadness but also of the 3 guna.

Between the 8 triangles and the central triangle are the 4 weapons of Lalita: a bow formed of flowers, arrows of flowers, a rope and an ankusa (tool for the training of elephants).

8) Sarva Siddhiprada : the central triangle, "The chakra giving all successes"

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

Lalita resides here as Tripura Amba with her mantra HSRAIM HSRKLI HSRSAUH. There are 3 shakti which each correspond to a god of the trimurti.

-Bhagamalini, “the woman with the blooming uterus”. She is the shakti of creation, of Brahma.

-Vajreshi, “the adamantine woman”: she is the shakti of conservation, of Vishnu.

- Kameshvari, “the woman of lust” also known as Rudra shakti. She is the shakti of destruction, of Shiva.

9) Sarva Anandamay : l e bindu, “absolute bliss”

SRI YANTRA - Desire Activator - Abundance Manifestation!

She is the Queen of Queens, Rajarajeshvari, "the very red". The transcendent Lalita Maheshvari Mahatripurasundari. His mantra is KA EI LA HRIM HA SA KA HA LA HRIM SA KA LA HRIM as well as a secret 16th syllable.




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