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BHAKTI, Devotion and Love

BHAKTI, Devotion and Love

Bhakti is a devotion “free from selfish solicitations and fear of the Almighty, proceed to the end. »

In its purest form, bhakti burns like a devotional fire in the heart.

BHAKTI Yoga, Way of Divine Love, represents one of the four traditional ways of yoga in Hinduism, often complementary.

Bhakti is most often practiced through music and devotional songs in Sanskrit called "bhajans". Anahata chakra, Anahata chakra.
Singing opens this center and purifies the heart.
For this, mantra recitation or prayer is one of the Pillars of Bhakti yoga by means of a mala (of mantras/charcoal prayers)

The sages are known from yoga and work, but they have been modified. In this sense, there was an opening of the heart, present in all spiritual traditions: in Christianity as well as in Islam or Judaism.

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