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Chakra Activation Recipe - Kundalini Salad -

Chakra Activation Recipe - Kundalini Salad -

Ready to make a nourishing, beautiful, and delicious salad that aligns your mind, body, and chakras?

Well here it is: a fun recipe to activate your chakras, your body and your taste buds : KUNDALINI salad

Keep an open mind and heart to experiment with this recipe and combine foods you might never have thought of combining.

The secret is to create a variety of colors in your combination so that your salad has the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.

What is Kundalini?

Our kundalini is stored at the base of the spine just above our root chakra. In fact, our root chakra, or 'muladhara', means 'root support' or indirectly, 'kundalini support'. Defined as our spiritual energy, shakti (primordial cosmic energy) and divine mother, our kundalini is often represented as a goddess. or sleeping serpent.

Ideally, by practicing the spiritual aspects of yoga, we can activate our kundalini to flow through our central channel when our 6 chakras are in balance. When it finally reaches the highest chakra (#7), the sahasrara (located above our fontanel), we enter mindless awareness and let go of the ego.

The purpose of meditation is to unwind our kundalini so we can step into who we really are.
Achieving enlightenment can be metaphorically compared to a seed germinating into a plant...

Which brings us to the secret ingredient of this recipe: Sprouts.

Shoots represent the start of new life and research shows that their energy at this stage makes their vitamins and minerals more potent than any dark green organic leaf. Since they can be grown indoors, they are great for eating during the winter months.

Here are 7 ingredients for a sweet-salty chakra balance:

1st chakra

I chose radishes, red beets and carrots. The muladhara, our root chakra, is represented by the color red and also orange as it flows into the second sacral chakra. Other root vegetables such as onions and garlic are also suitable. Protein-rich foods like mung beans are the first chakra foods.

The 2nd Chakra

Sprinkle your salad with slivered almonds, a symbol of fertility in the sacral chakra. Any sweet orange fruit can be used, such as melons and mangoes if you want to add more sweetness to the salad.

3rd chakra

I used sunflower seeds, quinoa and fresh fennel, all great for the third chakra. Fennel aids digestion, super grain quinoa as a source of energy, and of course sunflower is the ideal protagonist to offer its seeds to the solar plexus.

4th chakra

Opt for raw cabbage and oregano for the anahata, or heart chakra. Green is the color of this chakra and any cruciferous green vegetables are a good choice, as is celery. Basil, cilantro and parsley are other healthy choices.

5th chakra

The key ingredient for the throat chakra is good dressing! For example: tahini (sesame butter) + olive oil + lemon + Himalayan salt. If you want to add a little more fruit, throw in slices of apples and pears.

6th chakra

With purple as my third eye chakra color, I chose cabbage red. Dried purple fruits also stimulate this chakra such as raisins and/or cranberries.

7th chakra

Usually a food-free zone associated with fasting and pure joy, I chose to include an ingredient to complete the dish: endive.
Petal in nature resembling a lotus flower, it makes a delicious, functional and decorative addition to kundalini salad.

Scatter the endive leaves around the edge of your plate, filling the other ingredients in the middle so that you can scoop the mixture up with a spoon and chopsticks in the other hand. Unlike metal forks, wooden chopsticks have a vibrational character when they put food in your mouth. Not to mention they help you eat small bites.

One more tip for balanced energy channels: protein always improves energy channels, while grain carbs help keep you in balance.

Try not to go overboard with either.
If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can still consume plant-based protein.

And finally don't forget the main ingredient when preparing your meal: JOY!


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