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How to purify one's house and its inhabitants? All techniques here!

How to purify one's house and its inhabitants? All techniques here!

  • You bring into your dwelling place what you are.

As the weeks and months go by, your habitat takes on your energy, the places register your vibrations.

If you do not take care to voluntarily and consciously bring your intentionality into your place of residence, gradually the energy memories recorded in the walls are likely to impose themselves.

The interaction that you can build with an environment contaminated by low vibrations is decisive.

You have the possibility of letting yourself be invaded by the accumulated memories or on the contrary of cleaning the space to install the vibration that you wish.

First of all, even before starting the purification rituals , it is essential to clean your home from top to bottom and ventilate it for several hours.

I IDENTIFY what you want to clean.

Then it is a question of clearly identifying what you want to clean.
Purification rituals are different depending on whether they are encysted memories in a place, internal or external magnetic pollution or disturbing telluric currents.

Purification rituals are akin to a great internal cleansing and cleaning of your environment.

There are many purification techniques and methods.
We present here some of them, knowing that there are others.
All spiritual currents offer their methods of cleansing.

Coarse salt

To clean a place of residence of its memories, the use of coarse salt is quite suitable. Salt has the property of capturing negative energy ions.
The way to do this is simple: fill a glass two-thirds full of coarse salt, cover it with water and place a glass of salt in each piece. The salt should be replaced weekly for three months.
This ritual comes from the American Indians who burned white sage during ceremonies to purify the energies.
It involves burning the dried white sage on a charcoal pebble without a flame. Sage and pebbles are easily found in many shops: esotericism, organic stores...
You must circulate in each room of your home with the smoking pebble, forgetting any corner.
It is essential to open the windows of your home during the ritual to allow the negative energies to leave the premises with the smoke.
This purification ritual is also very suitable for cleaning the memories embedded in a place of residence following the successive passage of many residents.
Ideally, this cleaning should be done twice a year, on the days of the equinox.

Incense, candle, Armenian paper

They are good daily purification tools; they allow you to cleanse all the negative energies that you bring from outside into your home. The candles are to be burned in threes like the holy trinity.

Every time you light them, take a few seconds to soak up the flames; become aware of your regular fluid breathing.
Both incense and Armenian paper are very effective in cleaning the vibrations of your home on a daily basis .
Just be sure to burn good quality incense; indeed many incenses sold commercially are of poor quality and make big unpleasant smokes.

The use of precious and semi-precious stones.

The stones are made up of atoms and the atoms vibrate, that is to say that the stones move.

Precious and semi-precious stones have particular vibrational frequencies that resonate with our own vibrations; they can therefore be used for their therapeutic virtues.
The first stone that will help protect you from negative vibes is black tourmaline .
This stone protects against electromagnetic waves.
Ideally, it is essential to place a large one in your place of life and each time you use a device that emits waves: computers, tablet, telephone.
Place one between you and the device. In a slightly more functional way, you can wear one around your neck or in your pocket.
On your being, black tourmaline has the effect of strengthening your anchoring, self-confidence.
The stone, if you wear it, also has the effect of putting you in harmony with underground telluric phenomena such as vortices and telluric currents.


For all those involved in the helping relationship, labradorite is an essential stone.
Protective stone, which develops intuition in the relationship with others, it protects against negative waves.
A stone of light, it helps to clarify situations and thoughts by putting mental pollution and parasitic thoughts at a distance.
Labradorite allows its wearer to maintain its vibratory rate and prevents it from dispersing.
Stone of protection, it protects from manipulative people and other energy vampires.
In your habitat, labradorite contributes to install a peaceful climate by removing mental hyperactivity.
Other stones of protection are also very powerful and take part in the cleaning of present energies in the house. Black obsidian placed on a shelf will ensure tranquility in the home by absorbing negative energies.


Tiger's eye is also a very useful stone that protects its wearer from external influences by strengthening its bubble of energy protection.
Stones become charged with negativity; it is necessary to clean them regularly.
The easiest way is to invite them to spend a night in your garden once in a while.
For some stones exposure to the sun is purifying, for others immersing them overnight in water is appropriate.
In this series of proposals for tools to perform energy cleansing and create your inner security, I would like to introduce you to the use of precious and semi-precious stones for this purpose.
Lithotherapy is a discipline that has gone through the ages until today.
Broadly we find two types of stones, the stones of opening and the stones of protection.
Each stone has special characteristics.
For example, labradorite protects against negative energies and facilitates the emergence of our intuition.
Black tourmaline, at the same time as it protects against negative energies and electromagnetic waves, strengthens our anchoring.
A small rolled stone carried on you during the day will allow you to protect yourself. At night, you place it in a glass of water on a window sill exposed to the rays of the moon in order to clean it.
As we go up in vibration our clear felt is refined, it then becomes easy to know which stone we need in the moment.
From a certain vibratory level, we can use both a stone of protection and a stone of opening.
To give you two examples of mineral associations, larimar, the stone of the soul associated with labradorite is interesting.
You can also combine black tourmaline, a stone of grounding and protection with red jasper, a stone that promotes the opening of the root chakra.
The stones are very accessible today, we find them almost everywhere, organic stores, bookstores, specialized stores.
When choosing your stone, listen to your intuition as if the stone you are choosing.

Among the ancestral knowledge that contributes to our energetic well-being and to the cleansing of the negative energies that surround us, here is the Tibetan bowl.
Tibetan bowls are made of an alloy of seven different metals. Depending on its diameter and thickness, each bowl has a particular note in the musical scale.
  • The Do corresponds to our root chakra and the energy of anchoring.
  • Re is the energy of being, that of the stud, the second chakra.
  • The Mi corresponds to the solar plexus and the energy of determination.
  • The Fa is the vibration of Love with the heart chakra.
  • The Ground corresponds to the chakra of the throat but also of the Thymus, protection and communication.
  • The La is the vibration of the third eye, intuition and inner vision.
  • Finally, Si corresponds to our crown chakra. It connects us with our divine spark.
You can use Tibetan bowl vibrations daily for two significantly different purposes.
The first being to cleanse the energies in the place where you vibrate the bowl.
The second intention is to open or close a cycle.
For example, to ensure quality sleep, you can clink the bowl before drifting off to sleep.
The use of the Tibetan bowl is particularly beneficial to your vibrational Ascension.
Its sound vibration is long and deep.
It penetrates the energy bodies and purifies.
Beyond the mechanical and energetic properties of the sound vibration, it is the repetition of the gesture that creates a habit and then a ritual of energetic cleansing and refocusing.
This ritual put in place soothes your emotional and mental universe.
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