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How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves? (without moving to the LARZAC 😆!)

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic waves? (without moving to the LARZAC 😆!)

Wifi, computer, mobile phone, microwave, television...

We are bombarded with electromagnetic waves all the time!

However, this radiation is known to have adverse health effects.
Headache, fatigue, anxiety, stress, dizziness, skin problems, these are all symptoms that can appear in a person who suffers from electro-sensitivity.

Worse still, magnetic fields are carcinogenic if you are constantly exposed to them.

How to protect yourself from it? Here are a few tips.

If you think about the dangerousness of electromagnetic waves, the idea of ​​fleeing to a lost place and living like in the Middle Ages may have crossed your mind.

Of course, you are not going to arrive at this extreme solution. There are other alternatives for tracking electromagnetic waves, and among them: orgonites.

Orgonites, you know?

Orgonite is an esoteric object made from resin, metals, carbon and crystals.

It has an anti-wave action and offers better protection against electromagnetic waves.

Thanks to the piezoelectric property of its metals, orgonite has the power to absorb harmful energies and transform them into beneficial waves.

An orgonite is used in dowsing to purify a place of life.

By placing it near a wifi router, a television, a PC or next to electrical appliances, the orgonite captures the electromagnetic waves and channels them.

The positive flow that emerges can then be used during meditation to align the energy of the body . Which is perfect for revitalizing.

To optimize its efficiency, it is advisable to place it on a non-metallic support and to orient one of its faces to magnetic north.

Orgonites can be bought in a specialized store, such as at BHAKTI MEDITATION and choose a French craftsman HERE.

It is also possible to design them yourself.

Just mix 50% resin with 50% aluminum or other metals, and add a bit of quartz. (and copper wire to amplify the field of action!)

It seems simple but requires know-how, meticulousness and setting an intention during the work.

But, as they say, with a valiant heart nothing is impossible!

If you feel called to create orgonites, here are all the necessary materials here: ORGONITE MAKING KIT

Optimize the use of your smartphone and computer

Smartphone and computer are real sources of electromagnetic waves. However, it is not easy to deprive yourself of it over a long period.
To avoid the toxic effects of magnetic radiation, it is necessary to know how to optimize the use of these devices.

First of all, it is not recommended to keep your mobile phone on you at all times and especially to put it in your pocket or at the waistband of your pants.

The electromagnetic field released by smartphones is very powerful to the point of causing sterility or cancer.
Same for the laptop.

Avoid resting it on your lap when working on it.

Track down sources of magnetic waves!

To protect yourself from electromagnetic waves, electrical devices should be unplugged when not in use.

This is important to avoid wasting energy and to limit the emission of waves in the house.
It is the same for the wifi network which emits a frequency just as high as that of microwaves. It is better to use a wired network which presents less risk of exposure to connect to the Internet.

Other gadgets to avoid: Bluetooth headphones.

Although they are practical, they give off quite powerful negative waves which are harmful to the ears and the brain.

Which is problematic if you wear them all day.
Instead, turn on your smartphone speaker to keep yourself away from any magnetic fields.

And to protect yourself effectively against the waves emitted by the LINKY meter, here is what you need:


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