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How to use ORGONE ENERGY to take advantage of the BENEFITS of your ORGONITE?

How to use ORGONE ENERGY to take advantage of the BENEFITS of your ORGONITE?

Orgonite is one of the most renowned elements for its ability to convert negative energy into positive energy, helping to balance the spiritual, physical body and emotions.

Orgonite is another name for a form of energy known as Chi, Ether, Prana, or Life Force.

Orgonite is made by mixing metal shavings and crystals with a resin composite. The resin composite shrinks during the curing process which permanently compresses the quartz crystal later 1 creating a piezoelectric effect inside the crystal.

In addition to being truly beautiful, orgonites are renowned for their healing powers. They have the intense ability to bring a person into healing harmony and positive balance in life.

How do you use ORGONITE ENERGY?

Although there are several ways to use the orgonite pyramid; however, I found this method more satisfying.

Begin by holding your orgonite in your hand and meditating with it.
All of your attention should be directed to your orgonite and all the energy flowing from it.
The goal here is to do your best, closing your eyes to feel the orgonite.

Communicating your intention is essential.

Every object has consciousness, from the smallest subatomic particles to entire solar systems.

Speak out loud to your orgonite or in your mind as if talking to a friend you haven't seen in a while.

Choose what makes you most comfortable.

The goal here is to connect the spirit to the pyramid, pendant or orgonite puck and gain the healing properties of the object.

Ask for love, healing and light for yourself and the life around you.

Breathe in the healing energy and feel it enter through your nose into other parts of the body, healing the body, soul and spirit as well as the emotions.

The benefits of orgonite are transmitted throughout its environment.

In this way, if you place your orgonite in your home or in your workplace, you will make this space more convivial where the light energy will flow in abundance.



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