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Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!
Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

Cleanse your auric field and your surroundings!!

Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

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With daily dense and often filled with imperatives, we often move away from the Essential: listening to oneself.
It is urgent to slow down our frantic rhythms to find ourselves... and find moments of calm and serenity!
But how to do it?

Do you want to know an effective and fast way?
Make her Crystal Bowl sing and let her vibrations

Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

The vibrations emitted by the crystalline sounds of the bowls, allow you to access this inner space at the heart of ourselves, as if by magic.

Immediate effect guaranteed!

Everything in our universe is made solely of vibrations.

The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents.
Each person resonates with their own vibration.
The sound penetrates into our cells and rebalances them by oscillation and resonance.
Recognized for their qualities and their therapeutic and awakening virtues, crystal bowls are now installed in homes, because of their ease of use and their great beauty.

Special feature of the crystal bowl?

The sound and vibration particularity of the Crystal Bowl is a multidirectional sound, both powerful and subtle.
Its vibrations literally envelop the body, they "clean" the so-called "worn" waves or overloads and thus allow us to increase our vibratory rate.

The specificity of the Crystal Bowl is that it allows you to immediately enter a state of total receptivity and relaxation.

The sounds emitted induce an Alpha electrical cycle in the brain, allowing the two cerebral hemispheres to harmonize.
At this stage, a deep relaxation settles in all the body but also, on the emotional and mental level.


Benefits of crystal bowls

Chakra Healing Therapies
spiritual healing
Instant relaxation
energy balance
Establish a healthy environment


Used regularly

    • Automatic Chakra Balancing
    • development of intuition
    • Cell recalibration
    • Deep relaxation of body and mind
    • Connects you to your higher self
    Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!
    Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

    Om Frosted Golden Bowl

    Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

    Om Pink Frosted Bowl

    Crystal Bowls: Cleanse your aura!

    Crown Chakra Bowl

    How to make a crystal bowl sing?

    Nothing's easier!
    Just rub a suede stick around the bowl, near its edge, the bowl then starts to sing for a long time even when you stop touching it.
    We just have to listen, feel and let it happen...

    “If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, we understand that sound is heard not just through our ears but through every cell in our body.”

    Dr Mitchell Gaynor

    Another little info, because you are worth it :-)

    Another way is to use the light rubbing mallet on the rim of the bowl. Methods of friction points forward (clockwise) to bring new energy called "healing" and in reverse (counterclockwise), to reduce energy such as inflammation, pain...


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